po·ten·cy - a : force, power b : the quality or state of being potent c : the ability or capacity
to achieve or bring about a particular result.
we make your presence potent!


We are so pleased and happy to announce that CostumeJewelryHQ.com has launched today.


We have had the great pleasure of partnering with a local costume jewelry company to bring their business online. www.costumejewelryhq.com is completely built out and almost ready for public release. Product descriptions, SEO and finalized pricing are the last couple of pieces needed to go live.

iPotency has handled every aspect of this new online venture is looking forward to great success. A few of the many areas we covered with this project include:

  • Selection and implementation of a shopping cart/ecommerce solution
  • Merchant account acquisition and integration
  • Web design and development
  • Social networking
  • PPC campaign development (Google AdWords)

iPotency went live today.  We are dedicated to taking any and all businesses and making their web presence potent.  Whether it’s optimizing an existing site or creating a new one from scratch, iPotency will plan, develop, implement, and maintain a successful strategy to make any organization’s web investment a positive one.

We look forward to the coming days, weeks and months as we build our client portfolio and help so many companies achieve online success.  Onward!